The shop blooming PJSC "ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih" commissioned prattsenkran production of LLC "HZPTO".

New сrane set on a plot of finished products warehouse and is registered under number 41. Сrane capacity - 16 tons. It made it in Kharkov. His task - fast moving, storage and shipment of blanks. Productive work shop and blooming mill depends on the stability сrane work. For crane operators created a comfortable working environment. Cabin of six layers made of cardboard and basalt bottom shield protected to avoid temperature rise inside. There are air conditioning, ensuring a comfortable temperature. Established a comfortable anti-vibration seat, height-adjustable. Another advantage - the cabin with improved visibility. Currently, the new crane has successfully passed all tests and was involved in the work.
Sergey Neroda, deputy director of the Department of rolling on the reconstruction and long-term development:
"Commissioning of crane №41 is very important in terms of providing timely shipment of blanks as the domestic consumers - section rolling mills plants that produce from it ready to rent, and external customers. Such equipment is quite expensive, but if at stake is the reliability of the blooming, and hence the entire enterprise, the costs are justified. "