General purpose double-beam overhead travelling crane in explosion-proof version КМ EPV16 capacity 16t, duty groop 3К

       General purpose double-beam overhead travelling cranes incased installation and wiring availability. All necessary parametrs are specified with customer.
      According to the Customer's choice they can be with:
-control from cabin (you also can chose a cabin type: open, close, close with air conditioner) or from floor with command console ;
-duty groop till 8K;
-span till 40 м;
-stroke of a crane till 100 м;
-capacity from  5 to 250 т;
-for work on DC or AC;
-for work indoor or outdoor;
-in explosion-proof version взрывобезопасные, environment type IIВ и  IIС;
-for use in areas with seismicity up to 6 points, by special order — to 9 points.
      Delivery term: 45 — 60 days from order.