History of plant

1929 - "Electrotal" plant.
1931 - Foundation of Podvesdor Factory. The enterprise was engaged in production of tramways bogie, bodies and suspensions.
1932 - "Electrotal" workshops where jointed with the factory. The amalgamation got a new "V.I. Lenin Lifting & Transportong Machinery Factory".
1935 - 125 kg to 5 t telpher got launched.
1938 - Factory started to specialize in production of hoisting and conveying machinery.
1948 - Overhead travelling cranes got launched.
1952 - Monorail trolleys and modified grabs got launched.
1959 - Large scale production of 30/5 t and 50/10 t electric traveling cranes got started.
1960 - Explosion proof electric cranes got launched.
1971 - Travelling gantry magnetic cranes got launched.
1972 - Electric explosion proof hoists for the first in the USSR got launched.
1973 - KKC10 10 t travelling gantry cranes got launched.
1985 - Grab bucket and magnetic grab bucket cranes of quite heavy duty, capacity 16, 16/16 t got launched.
1989 - Hoists with planetary gearboxes got launched which enabled to increase their service life 1.7 times
1990 - First production of KKL2 10/12.5 t traveling gantry cranes of an improved tubular construction with tube elements.
1992 - Together with KONE firm an eight-post crane with decreased overall height was produced, capacity 60 t.
1993 - The stock-list of magnet and grab traveling cranes was extended with special purpose cranes, with rated load capacity 5, 10, 20 t.
1995 - First jib crane were manufactured hoists with two lifting speeds got launched as well.
1997 - Enterprise renamed into "Kharkov Lifting and Transportation Equipment Plant"
1999 - 5 t traveling gantry crane of lattice design with tube components got launched.
2000 - Hoists with transversely mounted motors got launched which allowed to enlarge the work zone; 10t explosion proof hoists and 40 to 50m lift hoists got started.
2001 - The stock-list of special bridge cranes with crab rotation device, magnet cranes with removable gantries, capacity 100t was expanded. First in Ukraine pratzen where produced.
2002 - Electric mechanical grippers for coiled steel, capacity 10, 15, 35t were produced, for the first time in CIS.
2003 - Quality Control System of the plant is certified in conformity with ISO9001:2000 International Standard. Manufacture of passenger ropeway is started.
2004 - A passenger overhead ropeway was manufactured and delivered.
2005 - Two-beam casting cranes with the lifting capacity of 100/20 tons where manufactured and delivered
2006 - Fourteen special purpose travelling cranes with the lifting capacity of 125/20 tons were manufactured and delivered. The production of electric hoists with capacity of 20 tones was mastered.
2007 - Special purpose crane with the lifting capacity of 150/10 tons was manufactured.
2008 -  The quantity of manufactured pratsen cranes and crab cranes is 33 units.
2009 -  The serial production of electric bridge cranes with load capacity from 2 to 25 tons were started. As the lifting mechanism in the electric bridge cranes series is applied the jack of our own production.
2010 -  To transport of sheet piles, special tongs equipped with a swinging mechanism and a mechanism for capturing sheet piles of various width and length were developed.
2011 -  Two loading-and-unloading devices – cranes-robots with 42 m span and lifting capacity of 30+30 t on the magnetic traverse were dispatched to the Russian customer for the Mill 5000.
2012 -  Overhead cranes - double-girder travelling crane with 46 m span and lifting capacity of 80 t and single-girder travelling crane with lifting capacity of 16 t with cantilever-type load carriage were manufactured.
2013 -  Two claw cranes of lifting capacity 27.5 tones were loaded for JSC “Oskolsky Electro-metallurgy Steel Works,” Stary Oskol, RF. The rope-ways with frequency-regulated drive were manufactured and loaded for residential settlement Toksovo, Leningrad region, RF and town Belgorod, RF respectively.
2014 -  Travelling gantry cranes production has been resumed. Manufacture of four-beam casting crane with carrying capacity of 130, 225, 320 t has got launched.