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We express our profound respect to you and assure you that “Kharkov Lifting & Transportation Equipment Plant”, Ltd., is ready to render you an efficient and qualified assistance in choice, manufacture and delivery of lifting & transportation equipment: overhead traveling cranes, gantry cranes, electric hoists, cable ways, funicular railroads, grab buckets, spreader bars and spare parts. All the products are designed according to the requirements of GOST 27584-88, Specifications, Rules of Arrangement and Safe Operation of Lifting Cranes BP10-382-00 (Russian Federation), NPAOP 0.00-1.01-07 (Ukraine) and with consideration of requirements of European Rules of Design of Serial Lifting Equipment - FEM.
The equipment with trademark of “Kharkov Lifting & Transportation Equipment Plant”, Ltd., is successfully operated at all enterprises of metallurgical and machine-building complexes, as well as practically аt all cement mills of CIS countries. More than two thousand cranes work at iron and steel works in non-CIS countries (India. Pakistan, Iran, Algeria, Cuba, Mongolia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Egypt and others). We have an advanced experience in delivery of metallurgical cranes with load capacity of 80 t, 100 t, 125 t and 150 t for newly erected iron & steel enterprises in Russia, including Rolling Mill 5000 recently constructed by United Metallurgical Company, Casting and Rolling Complex on the site of OJSC “Vyksa Iron & Steel Works”.
We provide, in the shortest possible time, of crane manufacture since we use the projects developed by our Design Department and those developed by our permanent partners: “Prommekhanizatsiya (Industrial Mechanization)”, Project Design Institute, Kharkov, the leading Ukrainian institute in design of cable ways, and “Dvesta”, Ltd., Minsk, an enterprise engaged in design of up-to-date control systems for crane electric drives and official partner of ‘Siemens”. We meet any individual requirements of our customers as to cranes. On the Buyer’s request, we manufacture cranes with variable-frequency drives, thyristor-controlled and contactor-relay ones. “Kharkov Lifting & Transportation Equipment Plant”, Ltd., manufactures the entire series of fire-proof and explosion-proof cranes, including those for IIC medium. We offer to manufacturers of crane equipment machinery sets in the form of finished crane assemblies: crane trolleys, control units in explosion-proof version, end girders with travel mechanisms, crane cabins.
The Enterprise holds the full set of approval documents allowing manufacturing, export and operation of our products in CIS and non-CIS countries, first of all in Russia. “Kharkov Lifting & Transportation Equipment Plant”, Ltd., is ready to fulfill your orders, in spite of crisis phenomena in the world economy, quickly and with a high quality. In 2011, we celebrated our 80th anniversary. Since 1956, we output more than 8240 cranes, including the most complicated special metallurgical ones: four-girder casting cranes, claw cranes, crab cranes, charging-box magnet cranes, grab cranes, grab magnetic cranes and magnetic cranes. We retained a highly qualified working staff now numbering up to 700 people.
The main wealth of our Company is its team
During our modern history since 2007 till 2016, we delivered more than 730 overhead traveling cranes of different load capacity. In 2008, we output 200 overhead traveling cranes. To this end, the volume of manufactured products totaled more than US$ 52.00 mln, that is, US$ 36500.00 per one employee per year. These were the record figures among all crane manufacturers of CIS countries. In 2013, our Enterprise reached the following indices: the receipts from sales was almost UAH 160.00 mln. 50 overhead traveling cranes were manufactured. The product output per one employee was UAH 155000.00. As was shown by results of the national business ratings, every year, since 2008 till 2015, Kharkov Lifting & Transportation Equipment Plant”, Ltd., was acknowledged as the leader of Ukrainian economy among crane manufacturers. Actually Kharkov Lifting & Transportation Equipment Plant”, Ltd., became a large-scale manufacturer of complicated metallurgical claw and crab cranes with advanced control systems of electric drive control on the basis of frequency converters manufactured by Siemens, Control Techniques, Schneider Electric, Mitsubishi Electric, ABB and other companies. Beginning from 2001, we totally manufactured 47 claw cranes.


3D model of claw-type crane
We went to our success for a long time, developing our facilities and creating the full technological cycle for manufacture of cranes meeting the world standards. Due to such approach, we can manufacture lifting & transportation equipment with a high quality and in time. Within the frame of creation of the full technological cycle used for manufacture of up-to-date cranes, we constructed a new assembly shop with total area of 4200 m2. The shop was equipped with access railway tracks, two new cranes of own make with load capacity of 15/20 t were installed on crane runways. New painting booth LIK43 was installed in the shop, shot-blasting chamber Gastol P2500 for cleaning sheets was purchased and put into pilot operation. The machine-tool fleet is being continuously renewed, new plasma cutting and gas cutting machines, new grinding machines, new span of crane shop were put into operation. All shops are equipped with advanced systems of gas-fired infrared heaters. The Chief Designer’s Department is provided with modern CAD system.
In 2014-2016, “Kharkov Lifting & Transportation Equipment Plant”, Ltd., faces the tasks of taking considerable segments in the market of casting metallurgical cranes with load capacity up to 320 t and in the market of electric hoists. The Design Department developed projects of metallurgical four-girder casting cranes with load capacity of 180 t, 225 t and 320 t.

3D model of metallurgical casting crane
Today “Kharkov Lifting & Transportation Equipment Plant”, Ltd., is the only enterprise in CIS, which, beginning from Soviet time, retains serial production, continues to work stably and manufacture the entire range of lifting & transportation equipment. Quality of the products output by our Enterprise is guaranteed by the quality management system certified according to international standard ISO 9001:2008.
“Kharkov Lifting & Transportation Equipment Plant”, Ltd., is a reliable partner. In 2012, we were acknowledged by CJSC “United Metallurgical Company” as the Best Supplier of lifting & transportation equipment, leaving behind many national and foreign manufacturers of lifting & transportation equipment. OJSC “Novolipetsk Steel Works”, OJSC "Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works ", OJSK “Severstal”, OJSK “Mechel” Iron & Steel Works”, OJSC “Evraz” Group of Companies”, “Eurocement” and many other companies placed their bets on our Enterprise.

In 2014-2015, “Kharkov Lifting & Transportation Equipment Plant”, Ltd., mastered manufacture of new equipment, such as load gripping equipment for transportation of cold-rolled steel coils, as well as stacker cranes. The Plant came to new world markets. We concluded contracts for delivery of lifting equipment to Republic of Equatorial Guinea. The Enterprise renewed mass production of electric hoists in general industrial and explosion-proof versions with load capacity of 1 to 25 t and lifting height of 6 to 75 m.
We hope that in 2015-2016 you will be among our business partners and guarantee that our partnership will be mutually beneficial!