Customer feedback

      "Severstal" LTD, Russian Federation: I want to inform that your company was evaluated as "forward-looking supplier" (the second category of the four available, "reliable," "promising," "satisfactory," "unsatisfactory") according to "Quollity management system.Purchasing. Evaluation and stimulation of suppliers" CTS 14-105-CMK-7.4-01-2002 companys standart both and on the fact of execution of contract obligations and supplies of nonstandard equipment, metal structures and lifting equipment in the II-quarter of 2005. 
Head of Equioment department, Korolev A.V.

      "Islat Karmet", LTD (now "Arcelor Mittal Steel Temirtay", Kazachstan: Representatives of your company provided significant assistance in solving of operational issues in the technical and organizational terms during the period of installation work, commissioning and putting into operation of overhead cranes with capacity 125/20t (2 pc) both and overhead crane with capacity 46 t.  Because of your representatives, all  remarks that identified during the construction works, were eliminated efficiently. As result three cranescommissioned now.They are sucsesfull working at erection of mettalurgic equipment. Manager of OMRC construction Leonov J.S.

    "ZaporogSteel" LTD(cold rolled department), Ukraine: We was reviewed the list of manufacturers that proposed there cranes to supply, but we prefer "KhL&TEP", LTD, Kharkov. 11 Electric overhead cranes, "KhL&TEP", LTD production, are working at our department . Operating experience showed reliable work of these cranes. Head of DXP Nikolenko A.G.

      "House-Building Factory № 1", LTD, RF: We got overhead travelling crane KM5, with capacity 5t, that was created in 1958 by your company....Director Technikal Batyrin A.A.

      "Zaporojie Quarry Administration" LTD, Ukraine:   "Zaporojie Quarry Administration" LTD is expluatating overhead travelling crane KM3001, that was created in 1959. Thank you for a long-time wiring period of your equipment. Normative operation period is extending now. Director Bulah S.M.

      "Concrete constructions №9" LTD, RF: Your companys gantry crane №3924 was bougth at 1987and since then has worked flawlessly in our facility at the site reinforced concrete. Deputy Director General Mihajlov P.A.